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    Sunshine, the headquarters is located in Jiangyin City, a famous city located in the south of ChangJiang River, which is backed by the Taihu Lake and sits on the Yangtze River Delta. Here is Chinese core region for economic development, and is also a booming place for solar power industry. Relying on industry background,Sunshine Group as a member of photovoltaic society is open a characteristics development way with excellent customer channels and stable quality system, which also concludes two companies.
    Sunshine has one factory(jiangyin julong renewable energy Co.,Ltd) and two foreign trade companies in mainland China, and its brand for global promotion is known as "Sunshine".
    Jiangyin Sunshine Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Is a Sino-foreign joint venture that is specialized in production and sale of the accessory for solar panels and the design, construction, installation and maintenance of solar energy system projects in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. Currently, Sunshine focuses on producing the accessory for solar panels including professional frames of solar panels, junction box, solar bracket and solar applied system. The processing technology of the company is from Germany, The main equipments imported from Germany and the fine molds with precision of 0.02 mm can make customized products with different specifications. The production capability, product precision and quality are all in the list of best producers of the industry. At present, all the products of the company are exported to Japan, Korea,Southeast Asia Italy and Germany, and they are acclaimed by Top 50 Solar Energy Companies of the world. The company has 10 production lines and an automatic production line, with the production capacity of 150,000 sets every month. Sunshine solar brackets win the good reputation of the home and abroad client by virtue of great variety, powerful function, the stability and high quality. Currently, the production capacity of the company is 3 MW every month. We can produce ground system¡¢roof system¡¢tracking system¡¢solar light and so on. Sunshine mounting system has been applied for 13 appearance design patents, a utility model patent. We can design and produce in accordance with the customers needs. Our company independently research and develop our own solar power bus station. The solar power bus station not only has the roof platform which formed by the solar panels, but also with good transmittance and a better feeling of space. Even more important, the solar power bus station achieved the aim of saving energy, pollution-free, and saving energy lighting. Sunshine junction box is fully researched and developed by our own R &D team. We own experienced members who are from many industry fields, such as PV industry, plastics, electronics, electric etc. These members will make great efforts to improve quality continuously and develop new junction box to meet the development of PV modules. What¡¯s more, fully-equipped laboratory and advanced test facility can satisfy all performance parameters¡¯ detection requirement of junction box. Sunshine Solar Technology Co. Ltd. Was established to support Group strategies, on the basis of the industry and its main business is to sell or distribute solar power accessory and Application products, Including Tempered low iron pattern solar glass, solar panel, BACKSHEET£¬ junction box, solder strip and so on. In summary, it is a professional import and export trading company.
    Sunshine attaches great importance to R & D, in the course of development, and constantly cooperates with a number of domestic research institutions to build the Academician workstation and Engineering Technology Center. Sunshine will rapidly rise the design production capacity, expand scale, and has set up our own R & D centers and CNC workshop.
    Sunshine will continue the development strategy of ¡°arc ball¡±, bypassing the cells production, develop the special solar power accessory overall to form a development strategy pattern of ¡°continuing to expand the overseas markets, continuing to open up domestic markets and then continuing a foothold in East China market¡±. Stabilize the product quality as the pillar, as to standardized management for the auxiliary, and assist the standardize management, with a good customer base, Sunshine realizes the roles¡¯ of solar power standard accessory suppliers and supply chain manager and continue to forge ahead.
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